Privacy Policy 4Rabet Bangladesh 2023

This privacy policy has been developed and described on this page to inform players about the process of collecting and processing of personal data about players by the 4Rabet Bangladesh. By creating an account on our official website or in the 4Rabet App, you automatically consent to the processing of personal data and confirm your willingness to entrust us with this information. 

Pryvacy policy at 4rabet Bd.

Privacy Policy on 4Rabet Bd

Personal data is considered to be all data that can identify the customer as a unique user of 4Rabet BD. When registering and verifying users send us basic personal information – name, surname, address, gender, country of residence, phone number, email account, series and number of identification documents and so on. This data is collected for the purpose of improving the playing conditions on 4Rabet, increasing the level of user protection and complying with the rules of fair play of the regulatory license.

Users begin sending us personal information as soon as they first visit the 4Rabet Bd website or app because we collect cookie information that contains information about your IP address, operating system, and other data about your device. During your use, you send other data concerning you and your identity, money transactions on 4Rabet, and sports betting.

We use the received information strictly for the following purposes:

  • Fair Play Guarantees. We adhere to the rules of fair play, and require the same from our players. To make sure no one will manipulate the data or use our welcome bonuses for new players, we collect information about each user;
  • Analysis Reports. The information we collect about our players from different regions and their preferences allows us to generate reports and forecasts about our further development of new interesting offers and promotions;
  • Improving service quality. By analyzing the data provided by players we develop new functionalities, bonuses and offers for our players. Thus players get a better gaming experience and 4Rabet develops and gains new audience;
  • Age verification. We provide our services strictly legally and according to jurisdictions, so only users who are of legal age can register and play for real money on 4Rabet, aware of all the requirements of responsible gambling. By collecting your information, we make sure that you are of legal age;
  • Curacao eGaming Regulatory License requirement. 4Rabet is a large international bookmaker offering online betting services in many countries. As part of our regulatory license Curacao eGaming – verification is a mandatory procedure to ensure user safety as well as to prevent money laundering and fraud;
  • Compliance with a legal obligation. There are a number of legal obligations stemming from relevant laws in Bangladesh and other countries where we offer our services to which 4rabet Bd is subject.

4Rabet Bd, for its part, shall do its best and use the latest technological safeguards to ensure the security of user data. 4Rabet is not entitled to transfer the data received (personal information, payment information) to third parties. This data is stored and processed on 4Rabet’s internal encrypted servers and may only be used with the consent of customers in advertising materials when receiving a large payment or at the request of law enforcement authorities. 4Rabet Bd employees who have access to user data have a fiduciary responsibility.

You may refuse to provide us with any data at any time. To do so, all you have to do is write and send an application to 4Rabet Bd’s official email address. You can also adjust the information sent to us in the personal settings in the account menu.